A Comprehensive Unreal Engine Tutorial in C++?

Hello everyone, I’m Mona and I’m new to game development in Unreal Engine. I’ve been using C++ for a while, so I’m not really new to that, but I haven’t really found a comprehensive tutorial or guide on how to develop with Unreal Engine with C++ (without Blueprinting). Maybe I haven’t looked through them all yet (don’t have time to yet, anyway), but I feel like the tutorials in the Unreal Engine 4 Documentation pages don’t really give me enough of a feel for what I’m doing. Sure, I can read the example source code and intuitively see what’s going on, but I don’t really have a good high-level overview of the class hierarchy (not so much this), their member functions (a lot to look through), their relationships, and the control/game flow. I’m sure there are plenty of great tutorials around here somewhere (maybe the default tutorial is actually pretty good, but I rushed or something), perhaps even right around the figurative corner, but I haven’t gotten to looking too much yet (how lazy!). Given that I am one of only two and a half programmers on a team (I say this because I’ll obviously need to “interface” with what others are doing, like animating stuff or programmatically “breathing life” into what they put or Blueprinted into the game), how shall I begin to learn the ropes of Unreal Engine development? There must’ve been many others who’ve asked something like this, so please direct me to those threads if I’m just saying what any other newcomer might be saying. Thank you! ^o^

According to many, this is one of the most comprehensive UE4 C++ trainings that are around:

It is not free, but this week it is on sale for a very low price. Check it out.