A comparison to the Unity asset store

We complain about the Unreal Marketplace a bit here. But things could be much, much worse.

For comparison’s sake I just needed to buy something on the Unity asset store. Here’s how the experience went:

  1. Item is on sale but only shows old price
  2. Add item to cart and click checkout.
  3. Nothing happens.
  4. An hour later and after many reloads, give up. Go to old Unity asset store.
  5. Half of the page is in Chinese script, half in English.
  6. Eventually find what I’m after. Confusing purchase process follows.

So yeah at least in the end the UE marketplace actually lets you buy things. I can’t imagine how mad the Unity sellers must be that their entire marketplace was low-key broken for Cyber Monday.

Never had such an experience.

I’ve found stuff faster, bought them faster, got them in my SDK faster.

Search tools were better as well.

Only thing negative about our MP is that it was not designed for large scale purchases in events like BlackFriday or CyberMonday, but is fair for casual shopping. Can it be better? Sure it can. It would be nice discuss in the MP thread things people think is lacking in our MP. I would suggest everyone go there and put something in the format:

#what to add/change:

thats it! plain simple and direct!