A collision issuse in offical learning course "Blueprints and Gameplay for Game Designers"

In chapter “Opening Using a Blueprint Interface”, the video showing SM_DoorFrame 's Box Collision is different from my editor.

Does not seem to be terribly accurate, agreed. What is the actually issue you’re having? Does it prevent you from proceeding?

because i cant pass through.
10:08 -10:15 the video means “just have a look for a boxcollision in door frame,we dont nedd to add a collision to door frame”,is that right?

Oh, I see! Sorry I did not see the green line on the floor.

haha,I am confused. Why there is no greenline in video.

No worries. I think you accidently set the box collision on the frame!

  • the frame should not have the box collision
  • the door should have box collision

The tutor switches between tabs very quickly, it’s easy to miss.

Here they change the collision on the door:

But they never change the collision on the frame, they just show it here:

Or are you saying the frame had the wrong collision set up from the very beginning?

I understand, the door and frame is StarterContent assets, they have no collision, thanks :+1:

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