A clear definition of "View Target"?

this term is mentioned in the docs but lacks a clear definition.
Is it:
a) the thing you are looking at.
b) the camera to be set.

View target is actor that is currently viewed by camera, each actor can have it’s own scripted camera setup and if it’s become view target, it uses those camera scripts. In other words you can switch camera between actors and you can make camera behave differently for each each type of actor.

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ah, so it is both a) and b) :slight_smile:

WAAAAAT! Shouldn’t view target be a point in space where your camera is focused instead of an entity

No it shouldnt, because then you will not know what your camera is looking at. Instead, replace that point in space with entity at the same location, and name that entity something that makes sense.

How can this be changed? I don’t see any ‘viewtarget’ on the PlayerCameraManager object in the editor. I just want to show debug info on an NPC via DisplayDebug but it appears that it won’t show up unless I can do this.

I think you cant access view target varable direcly in blueprints you need to use get and set functions

By default, a PlayerCameraManager
maintains a “view target”, which
is the primary actor the camera is
associated with
. It can also apply
various “post” effects to the final
view state, such as camera animations,
shakes, post-process effects or
special effects such as dirt on the

(just for remark)

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