A character model is not rendered on an Android device.


I’ve got a problem with Android devices.
I made a little stage and put a character on it and it’s look good on editor or PC build.
But when I built the project for Android device, the character was gone.
I can see a box, a stage and other objects, but the character.

And also log message didn’t say anything about the character or other errors.
I tested this on Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG V10.

I have never met the problem like this before and I just don’t know why this is happening.
Someone knows what’s the problem is?


is your character blueprint a child of another blueprint? there used to be a problem with this on mobile a long time ago, i dont know if it ever got resolved

When you say you’ve looked at log messages is that UE4 logs along with log output from logcat? What’s the makeup of your character? Can you simplify it in any way to see if that corrects the issue?