A CG artist with seven years of experience seeks a contract.

Hello everyone, I am chenjian, an independent CG artist with 7 years of industry experience, I am looking for a simple contract.

My contract price is about $100 a day, usually paid for by a single asset.
Q: Why is my manpower price relatively low? Is it a rookie?

A: Don’t worry, because I am not a practitioner in the US. Everyone knows that the manpower in Asia is cheap.
The contract was sought because the credit card repayment date was coming, the temporary fund turnover was difficult, and I didn’t want to go to the company.
So I plan to take some time each month to make money and credit cards.

Q: What can you get for a $100 outlay?
1: About 3 simple props models, textures, models of complex props, textures.

A: 2: A simple character model, texture.
For example, if you need a creature, a monster character, I will look for related assets, and by redefining the shape, redraw the texture and deliver it to you, and make it well.

Of course, complex model assets need to be negotiated separately.
I will provide some of my work as a reference.

Q: Which type of person are I suitable for?
A: If you are a game developer, lacking maps, scenes, just looking for me is right.
I will use existing assets to quickly help you build maps.

3D environment, character, prop production

I am used to making models with Maya and ZBrush, Substance Painter for textures, Quixel mixer for textures, and textures.

Contact information:
Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: live:e58b5249bb837da1

My creation:
Unreal Shopping Mall Products…S/wooden-boats
A prop asset, if you hire me to make it, it will cost about $200.
In addition to getting the items you want, you can also get the copyright.
PS: You can save your expenses by placing the items in the Unreal Store for sale.

container slums

This is the product I just submitted, including 64 items.
The production cycle is 30 days.
As an employer, you can get assets and copyrights of this size for about $2,000 to $3,000.
It is also possible to pay a single amount in turn according to the widget.

PS: Once the transaction is completed, you get all the copyrights and rights, you can use the assets anywhere, and I sell the labor to get cash, you get long-term benefits, I think this is a good deal.
But employers need to be aware that products that use external assets such as Megascans cannot be sold in Unreal Shopping Mall

This is another asset I am reviewing. The production cycle is half a month. It takes about 700~1000 dollars to complete such a map.
It consists of a set of stones, a set of main buildings, a mountain model, and a set of regional vegetation.
If the employer does not want asset ownership.
Using external stones, vegetation, and even mountains, buildings, roughly $500, can be completed in a week.
PS: Why is it so cheap?
Because of the ■■■■ credit card, I need to sell the labor.

Note: My English is very bad, and all communication is inseparable from Google Translate.
Therefore, the employer’s employment requirements and conditions must be clearly stated in writing.