A certain asset bougth in marketplace is not compatible with 4.9, what to do?

In particular T-Pose zombie model and animations. What if content creators decide not to make updates for the asset for engine compatibility?
does skeletal/animation systems changed too much and didnt consider backwards compatibility? (that’s too bad… :frowning: )

What exactly happens when you convert it to a 4.9 project? :slight_smile: -> probably we can help to solve the issue

Im trying to add it to a project, then a popup says it’s not 4.9 compatible (it shows from 4.8 to below)
Are you implying that I should create a 4.8 project, then add the asset and then convert? I did’t thought about doing so, Im going to try, thanks.

Yep, convert your 4.8 project to 4.9 and then try it again :slight_smile:

and after that migrate it to my real project that is already a 4.9 project… I supose…

When you want to have it in your other 4.9 project -> yep, then just migrate it :slight_smile:

usually due to it developer not updating.

They sign an agreement requiring them to upgrade packages to every major engine release; if ppl are taking more than 10 days to update after engine release, take note and don’t buy from this kind of “developer” again…

When a developer is not updating his assets send him a message ->