A C++ Game, Blueprints, and Unreal Engine

As a personal project I’ve built a card game in c++. I have some Unreal Engine experience, though not a whole lot of Blueprint experience. Would it be possible to to use my existing code (of course, with a few tweaks) and get it to talk to Unreal such that A: I wouldn’t have to recreate the entire project in Blueprints, and B: I could basically have it be a visual game rather than a text-based one with ascii art of cards?

While I’ve been gaining some Blueprint experience, I have absolutely no experience combining c++ with Unreal, and I’d heavily prefer to use Blueprints on the Unreal side, rather than c++ in Unreal. Is it possible to combine c++ and blueprints?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, combing C++ and Blueprints is not only possible, but very normal.

That’s really good to hear. Are there any resources you could point me toward which are geared for beginner users of C++ in Unreal? What I’ve seen of Unreal Engine’s C++ so far is beyond my abilities – is there a way I can just dump my C++ code into Unreal and read its variables using Blueprints?

In the case of tutorial, Google and YouTube are your friend.

As for reading C++ variables in a Blueprint, you use various macros and meta data to do that.

C++ class:

UPROPERTY(Category = "MyCategory", BlueprintReadWrite)
int32 MyVarable;

In the Blueprint system, that would show up as a integer value listed under MyCategory in the variables list.