A button or menu item to Refresh assets would be nice

When importing assets from another project (particularly .uasset files) it is a pain to have to shutdown and restart the tool. Couldn’t the process be handled by a menu item or button to pull from disk or load uasset files without having to restart the entire environment?

I ask because our workflow is to have testbed projects where we work on blueprints and then import them into the main project when they’re ready for integration or deployment testing. This leads to repeated need to shutdown and pickup a new file that’s been added.

I think this needs to be bumped up!
I’ve started working with a team and UE4 will mark a file edited when you do something simple like set a breakpoint on a node. Right now I have to close UE4 and say no to any saves and reopen UE4. Adding a context menu item ‘Reload’ would be awesome.