A Boy & His Kite: Thriller Sequel

Here’s an animated short I’ve made while was working on an environment from one of Simon Stalenhag’s arts. I needed a boy in the scene and couldn’t find a decent model, while suddenly an idea sparked in my head. I’ve placed a boy from Kite Demo and it was a match!

While I was proceeding with the scene - questions started to raise in my head. I was thinking - why on earth this particular boy would be standing next to this creepy device? Why is he here after all? That’s how I’ve created the story of the boy chasing his beloved kite in a post-apocalyptic creepy environment. And yeah - a bit of social message at the end won’t hurt)

Massive thanks to Facebook for the amazing music and foley he did for this piece! Check out his great original music on Soundcloud and follow him on Instagram: