A bluePrint Works great in editor, but don't in final release, any help ?

Hi guys,

We have finished our first demo and are ready to release it, everythings works great EXEPT a blueprint wich fail to work after been built… it works when the map is launch from editor.
I tried everything and search on forum and google but i can’t figure how to fix it.

Any help ? Maybe someones already has this problem ?

does your logfiles tell you something which may be related to your blueprint?

Does the same happen when you Hit Play in Standalone mode?



I’m not an expert to debug the logfile but my BP doesn’t appear with a search,
And no, everything work great in editor with play, VRpreview or standalone game

Sorry i bump the thread, we have a second demo and it’s the same, some things don’t works when builded… simple things like triggers overlap in level blueprint, am I alone ??
I’m wrong somewhere ?

Thanks for help, very frustrating

I’m not sure, but it may be a known bug which resets some of your blueprint variables (so everything that relies on a variable don’t work anymore) after packaging: Variables reset after packaging [DEMO PROJECT INCLUDED] - UE4 AnswerHub I hope it will be fixed in 4.9.

seriously ? then i can’t release my demo, i have to waiting for the 4.9 ? :S

  • “Please keep in mind though, this fix is slated for 4.9 but it isn’t guaranteed… The devs prioritize bug fixes based off of the severity of the bug and the overall stability of the engine.” :rolleyes:

But as I said before, I’m not sure if this is the same bug in your case - it just has very similar effect (game breaks after packaging). You can check it on you own project, in similar way I did this on the demo project (AnswerHub report that I’ve linked). Try to figure out which variables could cause the problem and see if they’re resetting after packaging.

I had this or maybe a similar issue, values of variables in child classes replaced with values from the parent class only in built project. I couldn’t reproduce it in a fresh project though, so I ended up just doing checks and setting correct values in the parent class blueprint instead of just having default values set, as a workaround.