A bizarre love triangle in Super Mario series featuring chibi style LOL characters

Hi from Thunder Cloud Studio,

League of Love is our attempt to demonstrate our love for the good old Super Mario by using the LOL champions to make a new MV for Hyadain, a song from Super Mario Western Show. If you do not know about the song, its a extremely funny song about why Peach keep running away from Mario, and Bowser even with countless time capture the princess he cannot win her heart.

In general the main software to produce raw models and animation is Maya, UE4 is however more of a hub to assemble the final scene together, which manage and take all raw assets created in Maya and put them together to create the final scene. Being a game engine itself, UE4 also handle all the effect and real-time rendering easily which speed up our production time vastly and enable the team more time to spend on artistic improvement

We are working on a more technical content and will provide the information in the upcoming post, so please check out the clip and give us comment and feedbak


That’s really weird… But very well done !

Ha ha , would you mind explain the “weird” comment? Thank you for your compliment btw :smiley:

Here’s the title of your post :
A bizarre love triangle in Super Mario series featuring chibi style LOL characters

Do you really need more explanation ?
We see a lot of desaturated open world post apocalyptic zombie survival MMO in grey box here… This is good weird !

I re watched your… What’s that anyway ?
and I re smiled :slight_smile:

Hi, to follow up with the video here are some introduction about the project as well as the tech on our website:

More details about the application of UE4 in the project will be available soon.