A bit confused: Why has the player controller a camera?


The title says it all: Why has the player controller a camera?

I thought the controller would be therre to maintain all sorts of non visual game elements tied to the player.
Why is a camera there by default and why is it not listed in the components panel :confused:

For the same unclear reason why it has a transform component…hard to say…

But let’s say you enter a multiplayer game but you have no pawn to possess.

You’re a ghost and wander the map, but you don’t need to attach a camera to anything I guess.

Hmm good point.
But in this case (and maybe that worth a suggestion to Epic?) I would create an engine-asset default character with just a camera, no mesh, nothing else and have the engine use that if no pawn/character is assigned.
I guess I get it. This camera is the one that is used if no gamemode is selected and you can just fly around in the level. But to keep a better separation of visual and non visual entities, that should be changed.
Intuitively, I expect the player controller be more like the BP actor component… No viewport, no visual components. Just the eventgraph and the usage of functions and variables…

Unfortunately the documentation on the player controller is rather thin as well …

  1. Spectator mode…

  2. This example…

actually the question should be the opposite
how is my main character updating the view frustum while it has no camera
I dont know where you found a player with a camera in it