A Beginners Very First Project

Hey guys,
I just got UE 4 last week and immidiately fell in love with it. To learn all the handling I used every tutorial I found and created my very first basic map.

This includes a small house with some cool blueprints I created during the first week. I used some own Meshes I created in Blender, Blueprints and some Audio. I still have to learn alot due too I never worked with a game Engine before, but the results motivate me to keep on track.

I have uploaded some screenshots and a video showing some of my work.

Feel free to leave some Feedback :slight_smile:

Very solid work Storm, keep it up!

love the blinds, it looks awesome

Great work! Well done.

Not a bad start, keep at it. =)

Thx Guys!
Iam now trying on a small horror scene, after I kinda learned the basics.

Heres a small preview:

Looks promising!

Nice. I would suggest using more darkness and like a flare like light. Makes it seem more gloomy and unknown. Not seeing what is in front of you draws more Horror and fear. :slight_smile:

Looking good :slight_smile: the more you practice the better you become. Keep it up!