A bear walks forward in the woods

Not a player-controlled character. just a bear. You can even ignore the woods part.

I am using the InfinityBladeAdversaries pack and the UE4 sample maps.

My result so far is a bear walking in-place and not moving forward. I have toggled every check box and setting I can find…movable, root motion, collisions, gravity, physics, nav-meshes, etc etc.

I know I am missing something ridiculously basic. Please help.

did you add the nav mesh bounds volume to the level? you can click on the ground and click P on your keyboard. If it turns green then AI can move on it. If its red than it cant. If it doesnt turn any color then there is no nav mesh bounds volume. In the bears blueprint, in event begin play, try using AI MOVE TO and set you player as the target location, Does it move then?

Hey ViceVersa!

Following your advice. double-checked nav-mesh, all is good there (thanks for the shortcut key). Tried using AI move to, but I’m not doing it right or it just isn’t working. Also tried using the simple move to location but again nothing. starting to wonder if I’m doing something fundamentally wrong.

On that note…lets be sure of something. When I want to add the bear to my scene (or any character with animations built for me). What do I drag in to get started?



Those links are the basics

now if you dont know the basics i wonder if you created a new character bp for the bear. if you just dragged the skeletal mesh into the level then you can set animations all day long but it wont ever move, it needs to be part of a characterBP. one reason for this is because the characterbp has a movement component which is the part that allows the character to move. without a movement component you can still make things move but it is much harder and more restricted in some ways.

ye awe all want to rush in and in soem ways thats not a bad thing. you need to be exited and think up crazy things to create in a way thats what its all about and its one of the beast ways to learn but you also need some good tutorials when your new. i started with the video tutorials Here they are by epic so they are pretty good and basic. their youtube channel has some good stuff too.

Hi Thompson, appreciate the reply and links.

I got fixated on the mental process of physically constructing inside the scene … i.e. adding the landscape, meshes, etc. When I started adding chickens, I then stubbornly tried adding blueprints and code to it to make them move when walk-animating.

I watched the wrong introduction videos…you know the ones that drag on and go off topic for over an hour and you learn nothing on how to start actually using the editor until the last 5 minutes.

Definitely appreciate the unreal docs though. some amazing work went into these.

cheers :slight_smile: