A-B Sync

Is there any information on performing a-b sync animation properly because my attempts are not looking so good. when i play them they look like the animations are not interacting together i have found tutorials on melee and that works fine until the animation is moving and not staying rooted in the same position could i use sequencer or matinee to perform these or is that not even close to how you would have A B Sync. I just would like a point in the right direction i know what im asking is complex but i haven’t found too much resources for this.

Syncing video game animations can be a bit tricky as usually they are based on using world space as the reference point where in all other media the ground is used as reference as to relative position of the digital actors. There is even a word use in video game development called “being grounded” as to an asset being referenced to ground.

For synced animations, like melee or fighting games, both sets of animations needs a reference point that is relative to one another and the ground. In this case what is generally used is the root of the digital actors which is used extensively using root motion animation.

The concept after that is rather simple as the authored animations for the sync is done as it would be done for any other media where the root is constrained to 0 0 0 as to world space and the actors root then snapped to that position in UE4 maintaining the relative position of the two actors with in that space.

A good example to look at is the Matinee sample project as all animations are grounded so if you add all animation sets that makes up the project into the scene, snap their local transforms to 0 0 0, and hit play the entire sequence will play out in full relative to proper placement for each individual actor.

Thank you FrankieV for the answer, I am currently watching the matinee fight and looking into sequencer. but some of my problems come from i think move to relative location and dealing with the collision capsule. here are some pictures of what i mean the first is how it appears in ue4 when playing the attacking animation and the second is from Maya. I am still looking through everything so if i can make it work with sequencer i will let you know again thank you for the response

Ahhhhh ok just turn off collision