__ Looking for an Unreal Engine developer__

__ Looking for an Unreal Engine developer, to work on a small & fun project __

**!! Disclaimer !! This project is not funded, the only paid you will receive will be coming from potential royalties, **

__ The team __

To say a few words on us, we are Thomas and Paul, both concept artist and game artist, living in France

Even though we may have large and diverse skill sets we stay fully aware of our deficiency when it comes to development abilities,

**If you are a young graduate or a talented student, and that working on an ambitious project doesn’t scare you, this job could be for you ! **

Check out our portfolios:

ArtStation - Paul Chanut

ArtStation - Thomas JAMMES

__ Job Description __

Today we are looking to launch the development of a game that we want; Fun, easy to pick up, and with a light-hearted and colorful art style…

The style will probably come close to a (“Boomerang Fu” or “Overcoocked”)

But the precise art direction is still to be defined, we are actually looking forward to exchange with you about it :slight_smile: !

__ Requirements __

We are looking for someone :

  • Autonomous and creative

  • Able to solely prototype various game styles

  • Open to feedbacks

  • Able to regularly exchange with the team, on technical and artistic subjects

  • No previous experiences are required, nonetheless we are looking for someone ambitious and who want to learn on a daily basis

  • **Artistic knowledge will be a plus **

__ How to Contact __

**If you can see yourself working with us, please contact us at the email below, so we can chat some more :slight_smile: ! **

Cheers !