9900k or wait for zen2 ?
Should I stick with this build or wait for zen2? Someone told me that Intel cpu’s are better optimized for photoshop/premiere/maya/modo/zbrush than amd. Is this true? I typically have several of those open, multiple ue4 editors, unity + 100 chrome tabs and a vm/game on 2nd monitor. Should I wait for new ryzen dropping in july or get the 9900k ?

Especially with those new vulnerabilities of Intel cpu that were recently exposed, mitigations potentially causing big performance reductions, it’s probably better to wait and see how this plays out and see what AMD is up to first.

For Intel a Socket 2066 Core i7-7820X or i7-7800X with 32GB Quad-Channel DDR4 memory could be a better purchase than the i9-9900K that is limited to just Dual-Channel.

Interesting! Welp price isnt necessarily concern as much as the quad channel memory you mentioned, does it have a much bigger purpose for the use case in the software I use? I can’t even find the 7820x / 7800x for purchase through amazon. Is it really much better?

There are some tests with benchmarks and games on the 'net showing why it matters although real-world use with bandwidth intensive programs is where it shows the most.
Here but these game tests keep in mind are on the same quad-channel chipset which even in dual-channel is a bit better than the chipsets for dual-channel only although most of the memory controller actually is inside the CPU the chipset itself can still make a small difference on that too: ; ;