980 or titan x?

Which card should be used for making AAA games gtx 980 or titan x? and can unreal kite demo run on 980 at 60 fps?

Making AAA games is kinda relevant thing. Depending on your project and its nature. They’ve run the demo kite on 30fps realtime with the TItan X, so I guess it will be unlikely it will be pushed more than 40, because I speculate they’ve pushed everything to the max from the side of visuals.

I have no clue what will be the price of Titan X, but my guess is that it would be more than $1500-2000… However, when you consider it’s on 28nm die shrink? (pretty sure, because I think they’ll skip 20nm, and it’s too early for 14/16nm ff), so I think it’s not worth it…

My sweet spot would be gtx 970 SLI it will cost you $700 and it will be as powerful as Titan X, but with 7GB VRAM on multitask, not 12

Seems like a pretty high estimate for the Titan X, as far as I remember the others were around $1000, but most of the speculation I’ve seen for the Titan X is $1350.
But in the end who knows (I guess it also depends on what country you live in).

Also the second 970 would be wasted in UE4 as it doesn’t SLI (unless something has changed?).
SLI also doesn’t double your VRAM, 4 + 4 = 4 (though there are rumors about DX12 changing this, I have no idea).

So we’re limited to a single card, if you really need/want the best performance and you have the cash to spare the Titan X is likely the best option.
On the other hand the 980 is still a powerful card.
Don’t forget about AMD either, the pressure is on and they might come up big, who knows?

Well, I’ve said, I have no clue about the price, but when you consider. Titan Black and Titan Z… Also there was that hype about gtx 970 being 3.5GB. And let’s hope DX12 being really that exciting!

If Titan X is $999 it’s really worth consideration, if it’s $1500 no way…

Also, the 15-20% performance from 980 doesn’t seems like a deal compared to the GTX 970 and almost double price

On the other hand, that extra 20% might get you bit you need. You can’t make “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter” if your PC will only run 1280x800 at 30 FPS. :slight_smile:

If you have the money, get what you want. I would get the GTX 980, and if you are rich, you can update it later this year.

If you have a decent GPU now, I’d say wait for AMD r390 series.

That HMB can actually make a real difference. It is also exclusively licensed to AMD for a year, so you won’t see current or next gen nvidia cards using it.

If I recall, SLI doesn’t work with UE4, so he’d probably be better off with a 980.

Thanks for the help guys!! I think I will go with Titan X.

Wasn’t DX12 enabling SLI for free? Even between different vendor cards? I’d wait for those stuff to realize before I buy, its not a good moment to spend money unless one needs to.

It’s not quite the same as SLI, and you still have to do work on the engine to enable and configure it just as you would have to do with SLI

Yea. Though Id assume a vendor neutral solution is going to become available to us fast if its not too alien to UE.

Ho much head doe these cards put out? by the sound of it, the cards will run hot.

Mine never got above 60C during 3DMark Firestrike - Firestrike - Firestrike Ultra

Well, here’s the “leaked/fake” benchmarks for Titan X and r390 series.

Edit: Fiji = 390X, GM200 cut = GTX 980 Ti, GTX 9** = GTX 960 Ti

For those considering AMD…

Not to be Nvidia fanboi but just a heads-up that Epic and Nvidia are partners.

Whatever you see in UE4 works better with Nvidia, obviously.

Plus all the Nvidia middleware stuff (GameWorks) for UE4 on their github repo is also going to need Nvidia cards, or work the best with them.

Personally I’m waiting, but I already have a 780 Ti SC, and it does fine.

I’ll be waiting until the Pascal cards with 3D DRAM come out. There’s been too many marginal increases for my liking, I want a really solid leap forward when I upgrade next.

I’m a big fan of nVidia cards. I’ll be getting a TitanX if I can reasonably afford it.

I have a gtx970 myself. But if the r390x provides same performance as the titan x for less than half of the price, I’d jump on r390x personally, gameworks or not.