911 Responder Simulator

911 call responder, you respond to emergency calls on blue lights and siren. You also deal with the incident as in RL.

What will my part be?

  • I will be producing all the plan notes and putting them together.

  • I will be the developer of the Game Design Document

  • I will be making sure that everyone is doing what has been requested and that you are working with deadlines.

  • I will be advertising the game on all social media and paying for the website as some stage and the advertisement.

  • I will pay for some asset packs to help us produce the game.

  • I will sketch out maps for level designers and modellers.

  • I will produce all the documents to assist the team.

What is the Game about?

** This will be a 911 Responder Simulator. The game is currently planned only to be related with the Police Service.

Players will be able to be driving around the city and will receive random [AI Calls] from the dispatch. The player will then be able to [ACCEPT] or [DENY] the call. Once the player accepts the call they will have to respond on either Siren or Lights or BOTH.

Once the player arrives at the incident they will have to change their status and inform the dispatch that they are on scene. The player will then have to deal with the incident through [UI] the player will receive questions to ask at the incident and from there he/she will be able to follow up the incident and find out who is to blame and who to arrest if required. The player will be able to interview the AI characters at the scene and also at the Interview at the station.

The AI calls will be randomly generated and may repeat but in different locations. The game is based on the Police Service and in future updates it will have DLCs for the FIRE and AMBULANCE service.

The game is planned for be no MORE than 10 Squared Miles. We are aiming for a fun small city to play on.


// Level Designer //

Your role would be to design the game level, this is the level that players will be playing on.

You will be placing in models, textures, props and making the level as realistic as possible.

You will work from sketches provided or example images provided.

// World Designer //
Your role would be to design a good and enjoyable to play on world, you will be designing the terrain to ensure it seperates the neighbourhood areas, industrial areas, and the city it self.

You will work on no more than 10Miles Squared. You will be given a terrain by the Founder, you will then be asked to making SPLINE roads from A to B to C and then make hills, mountains and lakes as well as forests between A - B and C.
as these are the longest roads.

// C# or BLUE PRINT Programmer //

Your role would be to program the game, from Traffic Lights, to vehicle movements, buttons and even AI Calls.

You will be working with User interface to produce questions for the player to ask and the responses. You will be asked to work on weather system and traffic as well as pedestrains.

You will be the main programmer(s) on the team.

// Vehicle Modeller //

You will be designing 3D vehicles. You will be the person who designs the vehicles that the player will be driving in or seeing around the city.

You will be given a number of vehicle(s) to design per week. You will be given previews and a list of how to design them for example; seperate e.g. Doors as a different object compared to the body of the car.

// Building and House Modeller //

Your role would be to design static meshes this will be buildings, some enterable and most just textured. You will be designing houses as well, some enterable and most textured.

You will also be designing Shops once again some enterable and most just textured.

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Hi, Im a new Blueprinter and am wondering if you have room for another blueprinter?

@zmanrocks Hey, I will ask you to join my discord server and we will discuss more on there. Here is the link:

I have a bit knowledge with blueprint but with level design I can help if you still need one

I sent you some messages on discord. Hit me up!

Im interest.
I know Level Design , World Designer , Building and House Modeller , and litlle bit Vehicle Modeller
Can you send me fedback what you think (Sorry for bad English)