90's console war(what if Sega could still making hardware instead of software)

What if Sega in 2001 decided to continue their hardware business instead of starting software business to this day? Does it mean indie games like Fortnite Battle Royale,Minecraft,LEGO games,Untitled Goose Game,Cuphead,Undertale,Deltarune(it’s genre without open world environment)wouldn’t be so popular these days? But could old(usually from early and mid-90’s even from late 80’s) and new indie games like Rad Rodgers,Psychonauts,Rayman series,Little Big Planet(trilogy),Ratchet and Clank series,Crash Bandicoot series,Jazz Jackrabbit series,Sly Cooper series,Eric W. Schwartz Amiga cartoon animations,Turrican,Sonic the Hedgehog series,Super Mario Bros. series,Bubsy the Bobcat series,Jak and Dexter series,Commander Keen series,Spyro the Dragon series,Rad Rodgers,Unreal Tournament series,EarthBound series,Mega Man series,Tonic Trouble,Earthworm Jim series,Chrono Trigger series,Live-A-Live from Square Enix,Metal Gear series,Touhou series,Jill of the Jungle series,Tyrian series,Pac-Man series,Supaplex,Happy the Dog,Icy Tower,Harry Potter series,Shantae series,Metroid series,Zool series,Ghostbusters series,Kingdom Hearts series I guess be more popular nowadays if Sega might still be making home and handheld consoles to compete with Nintendo?
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They would’ve probably still died anyway. In my opinion, the problem mostly stemmed from SEGA’s attempt to operate like Nintendo, but they didn’t have the authority to get away with stuff like that. For example: the Nintendo Switch will be eventually be directly competing against Xbox Scarlett, the PS4, and (whatever Cloud console successfully breaks into the mainstream market). If the Nintendo switch wasn’t a Nintendo product, it would’ve violently flopped (like the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast rip). When there’s consoles that are 4k, Raytracing, all sorts of fancy stuff, and then there’s another console with a barely functioning online system, people would choose the more powerful of the bunch; if it weren’t Nintendo.

Nintendo is able to survive with their glaring flaws because Nintendo has a mario. Nintendo has a Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and I could go on. There’s no first party games by SEGA that could’ve went toe-to-toe with the PS exclusives, Xbox exclusives, and Nintendo exclusives.

Were like Sega Mega Drive/Genesis add-ons mistakes speaking of Sega CD/Mega CD and Sega 32X? I heard Sega Saturn dev kit was difficult to develop 3d indie games in mid-90’s. Nintendo initially planned collaboration with Sony, but their SNES CD add-on and Nintendo PlayStation ideas never come into fruition.