9 slice scaling


I´m trying to find a way to resize an object but protecting some areas, like Adobe Illustrator´s “9-slice” scalling guides…but in 3d.

My goal is a way to create a resizable asset that i can change in size but certain areas remain the same.


  • A door that can be resized, but not the handle
  • A table … but not the table legs

Something like houdini´s parametric asset creation, but without houdini.

Any ideas?

Construction BP?

You can also add a mesh component with a relative offset to an actor at runtime, feed an array of vectors for the vertices into an inbuilt make mesh function and assign that back to the new mesh component - haven’t played with it much but I did manage to generate some structures with it at runtime - very cool! That said I’m using Houdini. esp as the bridge to UE4 is now free, you can spend a long time trying to re-create the functionality and they definitely have a leg up on the math required for efficiently generating meshes programatically. Depends on the scale of your project I suppose.