8yr Veteran Network Engineer and Replication programmer LFW

I’ve been a full-stack developer for 8 years. I specialize in SQL, .Net, and making computers talk. I’ve built websites, MMO back-ends, email/fax/voice servers, matchmaking servers, torrent systems, and other network heavy logic. I specialize in reducing bandwidth usage. I use caching systems and APIs to offload game server bandwidth to maximize player count and profit margins. My hourly rate is $70. I’m not cheap but I’m HIGHLY effective and you can trust core network logic with me. I’m looking for full time work preferably. I’m sick of business programming lol, my passion is game dev.

My SQL Plugin for UE4 https://unrealengine.com/marketplace…e-communicator


Sent you a PM!

Hey @StuntThumper88, are you still looking for full-time work? I am looking for a Unreal Network Engineer (preferably someone with thorough understanding of replication system and gameplay ability system). Connect with me on Linkedin