8k textures for a bone in Megascans?

People, do you understand what hardware is used by many of gamers? Do you understand that gamers will be forced to download all ‘petabytes’ of a game and play on gtx 1060 and such, and they will not be happy. They cannot get high-end quality. How about the internet? They will spent several hours or days to download a game with 8k textures. In what reality are you existing???
With each year Epic Games lost connection with reality. Maybe you need cut all of your money and change your hardware to Athlon from 2000’s to understand most of gamers?

And why do you think that 8K is for games? Quixel products are used in architecture, films and advertising, promo videos and exhibition stands.

*if 4K and 8K are there, it does not mean that it should be used everywhere. Megascans simply gives you the opportunity to choose and what to use is decided by the people themselves and where they need it.

For example, now there are ordinary ballpoint pens, gel pens, expensive pens from Franco Buzzelli that cost $200,000+ or fountain pens that you also don’t use, I think.

People are simply given a choice and, depending on the situation and needs, they can use different options.

Do you remember Epic Game’s words about ‘NextGen’ games? And now I see 8k 30 long bone. It is not for people. It is for investors, stakeholders, money and such.