8k landscape object and the river tool causes huge amount of lag?

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been brought up before, I had a search around the forums and have Google bashed for the best part of the day and can’t find any information on this. I have a large landscape 8129 by 8129 (I think that’s correct) I’m trying to use the river tool implemented in 4.26 but dropping the river spline into the scene my editor drops to 9fps and lags everything.

Is it an issue just for me? Or is this a known issue/incompatibility with such a large landscape?

If it’s not possible I’ll find a tutorial on how to make a river a different way but thought I’d ask before throwing in the towel.

I haven’t found the solution to the lag yet, I am using 4033x4033 and dropping river tool on to the landscape and moving the spline points is impossible, its super laggy. I hope someone can answer this…