80’s Heavy Weight in Unreal Engine 4


Short trailer on a chopper game pitch in unreal engine 4 i’ve been working on, more info coming soon.


Intriguingly :slight_smile:

Looks cool…reminds me of that 80s chopper movie black thunder i think

Great graphics so far, only nitpick I have is the metallic/texture parts on the rotor might be a little too clean? But knowing the upkeep on aircrafts maybe it’s meant to be that way.

Thank you ZenrokStudios, yes it’s intentionally cleaner to distinguish it from the background and the upkeep :).

The new picture is awesome!

Or Airwolf which is what its actually based on.

Your thinking of Blue Thunder with the late great Roy Scheider.

Pre-Alpha in-game footage and assets.:slight_smile:

Hey very nice work incredible Graphik. come that game to iPhone and ps4 too?

Update: Female CoPilot.

TBD, Yet to be decided.

Very cool work!

One of CoPilots in Airwolf.

I would pay even 100 euros to play it on playstation 4
I love your work

Pushing UE4 to the limit! Added second Copilot. Sunset chill shot.

thx buddy :slight_smile:

Im Patrick Pyro from Facebook :slight_smile:

Great i love them all. Realistic and inspirational !

This is one awesome and overdue project, Kudos to you man, I’m watching this eagerly. Any vision for a Linux release? As myself and many people I know will only be investing in software and hardware that is Linux and Vulkan based for Gaming from now on and this will be a great addition to that platform.

awsome :).