8 Way Direction

I have been looking for a great, simple and easy UE5 tutorial on how to make a 8 Way Direction locomotion BP system for my UE5 mannequins. But till now either the tutorial is jumping over essential steps, way too fast and pure explained. Or my character behaves way different from the end result.

So I was hoping that some one in here cut point me in the right direction? - Thanks

Hey @NecXoo!

Can you explain what you mean by 8-way direction? Do you mean only being able to move 8 ways as opposed to 360 degrees? Is this an arena fighter, with the camera on the side?

I don’t know that anyone can really help without a little more description, and try to bring some screenshots if you’re working in Blueprint, or a code block if it’s C++!

We will be much more able to help if you can bring us more! :slight_smile:

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Well, I am new to this so :slight_smile: But from that I have seen on youtube its call 8way locomotion direction (Blueprint): Forward, strafe L and R, 45degress forward walk L and R. And Backward, run, crouch and sprint etc in same manner - Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Awesome! I totally get what you’re talking about now. Would you like to post a video or screenshots of your code so we can possibly see where the issue is? Just make sure we can see the text on the code blocks!

If you can only post 1 screenshot per post still, go ahead and make a few posts! :slight_smile:

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I am going to try something new - here, if that dont work sure I love to. Thanks again

Awesome @NecXoo! Give it a shot and let us know, will be keeping your post bookmarked in case you do still need assistance!

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Well, it tried once again to follow a tutorial to the letter - I believe. But i still ran into the same issues as before. This Is the tutorial:
B5:B12 - Character Movement Blueprint (All In One) | UE5 Blueprint For Beginners | AIP - YouTube

And here is a folder on google drive, with all the pictures I think that is needed, and a video showing the issue. I really hope that I can get the help I need in here, so that I can get on with exploring UE. Thanks again.
Google Folder

If I’m not mistaken, the problem is that your animations are attempting to use root motion, but you have it disabled. Do not enable it (it will not work with your current setup), but check “Force Root Lock” in all of your animations. Note: you can change this property faster by highlighting the animations, right clicking, and selecting Asset Actions->Bulk Edit Via Property Matrix. Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank i will look into that right away. And get back asp :slight_smile:

You are a god - ■■■■ I love you :slight_smile:
Now I only have an issue, with when I try to sprint, nothing happens and it lock my character into place, no other movement key is working.
And for some reason my map keys are reversed? :slight_smile:

Looks like you never set your desired movement speed in the sprint event

You’d set the pressed one to whatever you want your sprint speed, and your released one to be your original speed.

Are your inputs backwards in the project settings? ie right is intended to be positive (ie 1) and left is negative (ie -1) so if your axes are backwards, you would just have to swap them.

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The tutorial, never inputted that information :slight_smile: = Speed

No worries! Seems like the tutorial author didn’t recognize they forgot it. Whenever you want to manipulate the speed of the character movement component you’ll always change that variable. Here’s an example of those axis mappings I mentioned before:

Yea, but i have now seen that there are a new system: Enhanced so that is what i am trying to understand for now. But trust me I will be back, with new issues on the way :slight_smile: Thanks for all