8 directional movement with prerendered sprites and game mode settings for p&c

Hi! I want to start studying Unreal by making a simple point and click adventure with Paper2D, just like in the old times (Sanitarium, Broken Sword, Monkey Island, etc.). First of all I want to allow player to move only in 8 directions and lock the rotation angles between. So discrete 45 degree movement. And Flipbooks must swap: for Down movement - FB1, for DownLef - FB2, for DownRight - FB2 mirrored and so on. How can this be done in Blueprint?

And I wasn’t able to figure out what exactly are GameMode class, Player Controller class, Player State class and others similar yet and how to properly set them for traditional point and click game. Maybe you could give me some ideas where to look about it?

Thank you!

I also support this idea. Like I would love to see the first chapter of The Secret of Monkey Island remade completely in UE4 just because it could be and broken down into a video tutorial and the project available to use with (non-proprietary content) obviously. A sort of point & click toolset specific to the genre. What else can’t Unreal Engine do, right?! :wink: