8 Classic Lamps…-classic-lamps

This is pack Includes **8 high-quality **classic lamps that are well suited for architectural visualization and for games. Lamps are good for both ancient and modern interior. All models are ready to use in your own project. This pack contains a lot of interesting things, who are waiting for you:

  • In the Blueprint, the light control parameter is added. And also you can switch materials and change their color.

  • 15 materials for each lamp(Bronze, Oxide Bronze, Charred, Gold, Gold Wood (1, 2, 3), Dark Rust, Full Color, Metallic Wood, Rust (1, 2), Silver, Wood (1, 2)).

  • You easily customize the materials.

  • There is a parameter to switch the lamp to a candle.

  • 5 unique IES profiles

  • Аll models have a high-quality UV mapping for lightmap.

  • For lamps 1 and 6, made modifications to 1, 2 and 3 candlesticks.

  • For the charred material there are special destroyed models.

  • Materials comply with the PBR standard and include Texture Maps: Normal, Albedo, Roughness and Metallic.

    Preview: video
    Blueprint tutorial: video



Blueprint tutorial:

Hi there,
Must of took you a good amount of time to make, they look great. I think it would help sales and buyers if you show the wireframe (quads not tris) on each lamp and even the lods. As if they range up to 28,000 verts I would like to see them if i was thinking about buying them for my game so I could work out if I had the budget for such feature pieces. You can display wireframe in marmoset or blender easily enough.
p.s I really like your Star Conflict, Monolith Remains

I will try in the near future to make screenshots of the models with the display of the wireframe.

Hello friends, have time, before the end of the action “Holiday Sale”, it was for two days. Discount of 90%

Hey, i’ve purchased the pack in the Holiday Sale and on the overview map a lot of the assets have issues, either broken uv’s or wrong materials. Here is a link to some examples.

it turns out the store added not all the textures in the pack, in the near future we will fix everything and fix the problems.

Updated to version 4.20!

Hello friends, Discount of 80%!