75% import crash .FBX


When I’m trying to import a fbx model exported from blender the editor freezes with a sign “importing - 75%”. As I’ve seen on the internet it is a common problem but i still can’t find an answer unfortunately.

.FBX and .Blend Files

I think the problem occupy because of the size of the file. I am going to download it and test in my project later

Yeah, the file is too large to open, just separate the mesh to numbers of files

Hi Farmerhnf,

While I’ve not downloaded the mesh, especially after seeing that it’s ~1gb, I would agree with Smallee on this one. Your mesh is too large.

When importing any mesh and it freezes around the 75% mark this is often likely due to the size of the mesh, needing to triangulate the mesh, and combine the mesh if that option has been left checked. This is often due to running out of memory when importing the mesh. When the option for “combine mesh” is left checked and the mesh may have multiple pieces that need to be loaded into memory, triangulated, and made game ready they will save then wait for the next piece to do the same and re-save it to the already loaded piece.

In order to avoid these kinds of thing you will want to triangulate your mesh before export and break it up into smaller chunks so that it’s not such a large file.

Thank you!


Hi Tim,

Thanks for your help. I am mainly a level designer and very new to 3D modelling so i will look at how to make it smaller


Harry :slight_smile:

Thanks :). I have split it down now into two main parts and will most likely do a third when I texture. But I will look into some ways I can lower the ploy count.



I had this exact same problem and it was the FBX 2016 export version that was causing it for me. Going back to FBX 2014/2015 should fix it.