72 H o u s e - Archviz

Hi everyone!
Here I’ve made a second demo for UE4 arch-viz.
I’m working on it and will try to fix them in the next updates.


really a good job Q.Hai!, give a different movement to the Bamboo foliage (not natural at all), and what for the table fruits?, are they apples or tomatoes?, they supposed to be real or made of glass?.
What about the illumination?, some particular techinque?
Cheers, Paolo

thank you , I 'm trying to create glass materials , disappointment .
Bamboo foliage and apples not natural, i will try to fix in the next add updates

Glass is a weak point of UE4. Unfortunately. Especially when you look at it at an angle. Horrible.

Another update!

Exterior update!

Great work! Nice to see some different project types getting tackled.