[70% OFF] Total Music Collection - 6 GB of high quality audio! 200+ different music tracks!

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  • 6 GB of high quality audio
  • 200+ different music tracks
  • Loops, short versions and more

Action, fantasy, casual, horror, puzzle, epic, dramatic, romantic, positive, inspiring, motivational and more! THE COLLECTION CONTAINS:

Mega Game Music Collection - Full Preview

  • 4+ GB of HQ music for all games
  • 150 Different tracks (+Loops and more)

Universal Music Collection - Full Preview

  • 30 different tracks
  • HQ WAV, Loops and more

Logos Pack - Action Games - Full Preview

  • 24 Audio elements
  • 10 Different logos (+short versions, variations)
  • Bonus! Action game track

BONUS! Remasters (Commercial Pop Music)
Technical Details

Number of Audio Tracks: 358 (203 different musical works)

Number of Audio Cues: 358

Sample Rate\Bit Rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs