7 Year old PC with Core 2 Quad Q9550 8gb Ram work ok with UE4?

I have a 7 Year old PC with Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.8Ghz with 8GB RAM with a Radeon 5750.

I plan to change the video card on my machine to a R7 265 if this will be enough for my machine to work well with UE4?

I plan to hold buying a new machine until Broadwell CPU come out next year.

I know my machine is 7 years old but it is still a quad core with 8GB ram as per UE4 system requirements.
So I was wondering if the video card upgrade is good enough for me use the engine/editor without any slowdowns when making games?

I got a Q6600 overclocked to 3.2 GHz, 8 GB ram and a GF 660 GT. UE4 runs fine so with a graphics card upgrade you should be set!

I am running with the r7 260x but have 6 core fx cpu and it is running ue4 nicely…You should be able to get by good enough with the 265…

I have noticed Unreal Engine 4 is more GPU intensive then cpu, so try to stretch your GPU high as possible.

Wow, thanks for all the replies… really gave me hope that all i need to change is my Video card for the moment.

Hi Creative Occlusion, if you don’t me asking, may I know what is your exact CPU model so I can compare it it to my CPU since I might just get the 260x instead of the 265 if the 260x does the job well enough?

Thank you very much

I’m running on weaker Q9300 and it works fine.

Great! May I ask what video card you are using and if you are able to run the editor with no hiccups? Thank you!