7.1 Audio: No Center Speaker in any UE Game. Please Help!


I know this is a forum for actual development and not just helping people who have trouble playing UE games. But I really did asked everywhere (reddit, forums) and nobody could help me. So I want to ask here, where people with actual knowledge of UE are present.

My setup goes like this: Windows 10 21H2->1080Ti->HDMI->Yamaha AVR->LG TV

I don’t know when it started but I have no audio coming out of the center speaker in ANY UE game I own. Doesn’t matter if it’s Borderlands 2 from 2012 or this years Tales of Arise. BUT: All sounds that a supposed to come out of the center are not missing but redirected into the left/right channels instead. I tried every setting in Windows 10 there is, even setting things deliberately wrong and back again or settings that should have nothing to do with it:

  • changing 7.1 to 5.1 to Stereo and back again
  • Full-range speakers on/off
  • Bit-depth and Sampling Rate
  • Reinstalled nVidia driver and tried out older drivers as well (also used DriverSweep)

I also formatted my pc and installed nothing except Steam and the problem still persists!

There is one weird exception: Final Fantasy VII Remake. That game - in some Cutscenes - for me magically has voices coming out of the center channel. And as soon as the cutscene ends, voices are left/right only.
It’s the only UE game that behaves life that. Tales of Arise, Scarlett Nexus, Code Vein, Bright Memory Infinite, Borderlands 2 are all completely silent on the center channel and have all there audio “downmixed” to left and right.

Games that don’t use UE like Anno 1800 or Horizon Zero Dawn are working fine.

Is there any way to force specific audio setups through INI files or anything else I could try? I really don’t know what to do.

Thank you and sorry if questions like this don’t belong here.