6DOF movement setup error

Hey I am having issues setting up my input. I think the error lies somewhere within the restrictions of the movement component default I am using “FloatingPawnMovement” and its funtionality in a no gravity, 3d environment.

I tried searching for similar questions but encountered a database error so decided to try posting.

I want my control setup to be:
w/s -foward/back.
a/d -left /right .
q/e -roll (spin player left/right).
mouse x -yaw.
mouse y -pitch.
space/control up/down.

When I watch any tutorials available they all assume I want to start with the character movement component which does not really work well 0 gravity.

I attached FloatingPawnMovement" to my blueprint but all that is working is wasd. and I can’t find anywhere that allows me to setup this component?

When i attach my yaw/pitch/roll as so: Imgur: The magic of the Internet there is no reaction.

and I’d like some help with how I need to wire together this mess Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’ve tried a bunch of things that seems logical and its not working how I had hoped.

any help would me much appreciated