6DOF Flying Pawn Tutorial - Forward Vector doesn't work

Hello all!

I apologise if this is a somewhat noobish question, but I have been following the 6DOF Blueprint tutorial and when I play it in the viewport, the forward vector (W and S keys) failed to work. The A and D keys do work however. I think it might be something to do with the axis bindings, but as far as I know, I followed the tutorial correctly.

Secondly, the ship movement is rather unlike you would expect a spaceship to move. I tried replacing the Set Physics Linear Velocity with an Add Force, but then the entire pawn fails to move at all (apart from roll and yaw).


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Yeah, I know, right? I haven’t gone through the tutorial your working from, but I have been figuring out the physics and movement thing. You should check out my post:

I actually realized why things were happening like they were because of this post:

If your still confused after checking these out feel free to hit me up.


Found a solution!

Change the forward vector part to linear velocity and the right vector to angular velocity.

I got my space ship working like space ships should. Forget linear velocity, add impulse etc. those are for lesser objects like rockets and plasma torpedos.

Add THRUSTERS to blueprint, however watch that evil rotation gizmo, it loves to rotate by 89.999999.
I added one for forward/backward thrust, then 2 for turning. With only one for turning it was pushing ship to the side while turning, two work great.