6700K vs 5280K Unreal 4 Performance


I’m currently building a new development pc, and i’m tied between these two processors.
The 6700k seems to outperform the 5280K when it comes to gaming.
The 5280K on the other hands has six cores instead of four, and does better when it comes to 3D rendering.
What do you guys think will be my best bet out of these two?
If the 5280K were to prove it’s worth for me, i’d gladly pay the extra money.

I’d love to hear your opinion on this.


I would think that there would be very little difference in-game, if both systems have the same graphics card.
There’s probably faster CPU’s coming though so you might want to wait. What is your current system? Depending on what you have at the moment it might not be worth upgrading.

He’s already talking about the new processors, 6700K is Skylake. To get the best bang for your buck, just get a i7-4790K. DDR4 and motherboards for a 6700K or 5280K are significantly more expensive. Unless you are planning on doing a lot of lightmass baking or have money to spare.

I mean that the 6700K is not going to be the top end of that line

DDR4 isn’t that much more expensive, since it’s becoming the new standard.

DDR4 prices have dropped quite a lot in the last months, its almost as cheap/expensive as DDR3 now, but the Skylake mainboards are indeed a lot more expensive than the Haswell ones.