64 000 000 square meters terrain, Is it possible?

Is it possible to make a 64 000 000 square meters terrain with unreal engine 4?
I’ve seen Unigine latest Valley Benchmark, it is possible to make something like that?:confused:


That’s quite a huge number to be honest. It is definitely possible for single player games. But I think you would run into some lightmap size issues. For multiplayer you would have to come up with your own system, which is not trivial to solve.

Edit: I just misread the number, its 8km * 8km, this shouldn’t be a problem.

8k * 8k is definitely doable, but watch out because the terrain starts running into floating point errors at larger sizes. I tried UE4 max terrain size and it is VERY large to run around on. I took a video of it, but you can’t really tell the scale in the video:

If you look around the 20s mark in the video, that grey box floating in the air is the default scene for the third person blueprint level for comparison.

Honestly, its huge, but I’d be worried about performance with such a large scene with respect to physics coordinates etc. Until something like origin shifting is working in the engine, I’d stay away from really large terrains to be honest.

Out of curiosity, exactly how big is the max size?

How about Level Streaming or better yet: World Streaming?

Take a look at this thread:

64 000 000 square meters = 64Km