60's Styled Diner

Project Title: 60’s Styled Diner

This is an fully funded art project with a quick turn around so I’m looking for talent that is comfortable leveraging content (seats, tables, etc) from the marketplace and online repositories. This project is a prototype for a future project.

  1. I need two level designers experienced with UE4 toolset to create a 60’s styled Diner. I’ve attached a few pictures for references. I have a small budget so I’m comfortable with buying items to expedite the process.

  2. I need one 3D Character Artist, experienced with UE4 toolset to create, rig and animate player & npcs.

The product will be developed and ran in Unreal Engine 4. Please email ( me with your skill set, rates, and availability.

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Deigratia A. Daniels




I am interested. Sent you an email.:smiley:

Hey I was going to make one of these myself. I would be happy to work with you. Send me a email and I’ll send you some stuff I’ve worked on.