6 questions about Unreal Tournament 3


I have some questions about UT3.
How much copies i must buy to fix this problems? I have 4.

I have my own linux community with 1700 live people
and have Youtube channel with 1000 subscribers
we wery interest of this.

  1. Linux support =================

UE3, UE4 have linux support.
Why UT3 not?

Exist 2 ways to add linux support

Update proton prefix for best compactiblity
(Use DirectX9 over Vulkan for performance)
It really faster than OpenGL or DirectX any.
I have 60FPS on 4K on map UT3-Peak Monastery.

Method #2 - porting game
I hear about Icculus do some work on this.
Maybe closed port exists?
Any news?

  1. Russian language support on STEAM.
    “Nowyj disk” ND create russian version of game with best sounds i hear.
    Just upload it to servers.
    PLEASE!. It’s easy.

  2. Mouse bug “border of window”

This is really annoying problem
I plays with problem “mouse overriding”
Mouse when get “border of windows” stops
and i cannot do 360 degrees to left or right or another directions.
It’s already fixed for all new games but still exists in UT3 (dx9)
winetricks MWO-set to force or always remove “border of screen” for mouse problem
but mouse always “centralized” and i cannot navigate menus

  1. Copying Client UT3 with maps and characters problem. =========
    when i copy game from PC1 to PC2 i cannot play normally in network.

Please remove CD-Keys Seriously!
Cd-key broke copying installed and patched and fixed and fulled maps and chars and RUS Language pack.
somewhere in document folder stores cd-key.

Game exists from 2006 year. 13 years of shooting.
Anyone who can already buy a copy or a two.
Why leave it? Why add users problems.

I pay for COMFORTABLE using official server and coop play and SUPPORT.
I dont see support from 2010 … 2019 years.

I bought and install 3 copies for 3PCS… i think i pay enough for support.
Yes i have 3 PCs with Linux! for playing with friends.
I dont want to fill every install game with every map every char, every patch etc.
I always forgot somethind.

I hear i can remove CD-KEY from PC1 and use PC2 key
/home/user/.wine/Documents and Settings/user/My Documents/My Games/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/UTEngine.ini

remove from EncryptedProductKey=
and enter new key in game
But i still don’t know how to do it.

  1. Map multiplayer problems.
    Fans already done all work… just copy it’s easy.

UT3-Peak Monastery. ** work normally
UT3-Codex **normally.

Some map no work with multiplayer only with bot i can play,
Please add classic maps to client game.

UT3-Gothic alpha etc. ** problems

  1. Slow network load maps.

I think need remove default speed limit. There s no 2006 year, today is 2019.
Many server very slows downloading maps and files, even if have 100Mbit LAN.
Maybe dedicated servers limit, maybe client limit i don’t know.
Sometimes it 150-200kb/s (!!!)
Some servers have NORMAL speed.

This forum is for Unreal Engine 4, not for anything related to Unreal Tournament 3