6 DOF Flight Tmeplate addition

Sounds cool, thanks Daniel.

I have build 4.0.1 and there doesn’t seem to be a flying example in there - just the usual FPS, 3rd Person sutff.
If you could provide a screen cap that would be awesome! I’ve been trying to modify the UFO physics in the content examples but I’m getting nowhere :frowning:

We plan to add a template (in C++ and Blueprint flavors, as usual) that shows how to make a physics based flying object. Something like the UFO but simpler.

I just whipped together a quick 6-DOF pawn using blueprints. It was exceedingly simple. :smiley: it’s really rough and doesn’t have a roll input, but it’s certainly 6DOF and just as nauseating as Descent was!
I’m not entirely sure how to share simple code snippets, but here’s a video and some screenshots of the blueprint:

Brilliant work Tom! Looks like you have full 360 on the vertical too, with no gimbal lock.
I’m going to try out the blueprint setup you provided - many thanks by the way.
I’ll let you know if I have any luck with the roll input too.

Oh and James, great to know you guys are planning to include a template, thanks much! :slight_smile:

Here’s a bit more info on what I did:
The Blueprint is subclassed from a Pawn and is pretty straight forward. the only tricks are:

  1. Make sure the Camera component is set to NOT use Controller Rotation
  2. Turn on Physics for the Static mesh
  3. Turn off gravity
  4. Modify the damping values to your liking!
  5. In the Set Physics Linear Velocity, you can see that I’ve Checked the “Add to Current” boolean

Hi Tom,

I tried to replicate your blueprint but I’ve hit a wall and I’m not sure what the problem is?
When I try to add the Axis Events to the BP, I get a message telling me that I cannot add this node to this type of graph - any ideas what i’m doing wrong?

I created a new BP based on the pawn - set the static mesh to pawn in the components properties and enabled use controller pitch, yaw, roll in the defaults tab - but no joy :frowning:

I’m new to creating pawns from scratch and right now I don’t think there are any tuts available for it - the templates provided with UE4 aren’t helpful for reverse engineering either.

Tough to say. Can you provide a screenshot or exactly what the error is?
Possibly you’re not working in the Event Graph of the Pawn (maybe the Construction Script?)

Hi Tom,

I’m working inside of: BP_UFO_Physics. Should I be doing something else?
I’ll upload a screen cap if I’m doing things wrong, so you can see.

Ah! you’ve subclassed the UFO blueprint? That’s likely where the issue is. I simply used the UFO body as the static mesh in my Pawn class. Start by creating a new Pawn BP in your content browser, add a static Mesh component, etc. Then in the Event Graph you can implement the code. When you subclass an existing BP, overriding functions is a bit tricky. I’m working up a more in-depth tutorial, but my time has been limited. Hopefully tomorrow is a slower day than today :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah! Okay, great I’ll go back and see if I can sort it that way.
Cheers, Tom!
I’ll let you know how I get on.

I think I found the problem!! :slight_smile: I think we might have come across a bug in the BP editor.
When I right click to add the Axis input event, BP has no problem - but when I try to drag and drop from the node panel on the right hand side of the BP editor window it gives me the ‘Cannot add node to this type of graph’.

If you could verify that this is in fact a bug you experience too, then we could submit it to Epic. If it is indeed a bug?? :slight_smile:

Well, look at that! That certainly looks like a bug! I’m getting the same behavior. I’ve never used the palette actually as I find the context-sensitive system when you right-click to work so darn well, and helps me discover functionality. :smiley:

Wow, a genuine bug :slight_smile: I’ve totally switched over to the context-sensitive system now, it’s awesome, it feels very natural and more efficient.
Do you know if there is an official bug reporting thread, or is this one supposed to be it? EDIT: (No worries I found the official thread!)

Really, you should use the site as the development team can track and address actual bugs, etc.

Cool, thanks Tom!

Looking forward to seeing your tut when it’s ready :wink:

It’s ready!

and, direct to the WIKI:

Good luck!


Congrats on a great Tutorial, helped me greatly not just the Blurprint, but understanding how to understand them better.

Just one thing, the mouse controls are inverted vertically, would there be an option somewhere to flip them. Other than in the Project Setting Input panel. i know i’m nitpicking, Still a great tutorial.

That’s where I set it. You could also multiply the LookUp axis value by -1 before sending it to the pitch input.

sorry for excavating this old one. but perhaps you can help me here.

i have a first person game with a gravity switch. when pressing it, the gravity switches to nearly off, set higher air control and launch my character a bit into air.
now i can move in air, but i also want to steer my char 360°. but my movement is locked on xy axis because i’m still in default movement mode.
how could i implement the 360 movment like displayed in your tutorial, triggered by an event?

right now it seems i would have to create a second char with the new movment and exchange it on trigger? or is there an easier way?
thank you in advance!

thank you! really searched a while to get this help!