6-24 Month Interactive Installation Project (Onsite in London/New York)

Title: Interactive Specialists - Unreal Engine (Freelance)

Location: London and/or New York (onsite)

Start date: 4-8 weeks’ time

Project length: 6-24 months

On behalf of an international manufacturer we are currently assembling a team of developers and artists to create one of the world’s most ambitious interactive installations in retail history!
You will be joining a team currently consisting of circa 50 staff, on location in either a London or New York studio. Please note: this work is full-time onsite in which ever studio you are (or can be) local to.
The company are describing the project as being a large 360 degree installation with user interactivity inspired by Minority Report (and the execution will be the real deal), with gesture control and proximity sensors that allow the user to manipulate the environment.

The initial project will run for 6 months initially and should phase one go to plan will run for 2 years, rolling out to stores in 30 locations.

Crew needed:
2 x Unreal Generalist Developer (back-end)
2 x Unreal Environment Artist
Unreal UX/UI Designer (Senior)
Junior TD
Unreal Developer
Unreal Technical Artist

If you are interested in applying for this position please follow up with an email including the following information:
• A CV and (if relevant) a portfolio
• Describe your experience with the Unreal Engine:
• Please summarise any previous experience you’ve had working on interactive projects including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and/or installations:

This will be a world class project, and we are searching for truly skilled and experienced candidates in these areas. We are happy to provide full disclosure once your application has been reviewed and an NDA is signed.

Feel free to get in touch and ask any questions!


Guy DeRosa

Hi my name is hunter I am only 16 but I have been studying VR for 3 years now and have really good ideas and I can assist on this project and make it really easy because I already know what I need to do I just need the parts to do it

Hi, i am generalist 3D, with 2 years experience on Unreal Engine making archviz interactive realistic.

i am living on Colombia / Medellin, i dont know if no matter to work at home.

portfolio: Rt Archviz - YouTube

contact skype:


This looks like a fantastic opportunity!

Small point: The Job Advertiser suggests that the applicants reply to this advertisement via Email, but no Email address is listed in the original post. Does that mean you want applicants to apply by private message on these forums? Just seems a bit clunky to me. Would be nice if the Job Advertiser could provide a business Email address to apply to. Thanks!


Apologies, I thought the posting would advertise my email address automatically. This was my first posting on this forum, so I apologise!

My email is

Hehe, all good! Thanks for posting the Email. Hope you find the talent you need! :slight_smile:

Hi, i want to postule by Animator with Maya, Unreal Environment Artist and UI Design/Programmer.

Portfolio: Andres C. Castaño - YouTube

I get 2 years experience with videogames, low poly/optimization 3D, with unity 3D and Unreal Engine, now making Archviz with software Maya.

i’ve seen a past post that you need UI programmer, i have experience with Interactive VR Oculus.

if you are interesting about my experience contacto to skype: