58th Frame in Sequencer. Always corrupt.

Having a bizarre situation when rendering out from Sequencer, doesn’t matter if I render out in AVI or JPG, PNG Sequence it is always the 58th Frame that renders out with a strange view. FPS set to 30fp, no Custom Frame Rate set. Happens regardless of resolution. Tried Delay Before shot on 1, 2 and 4s, does not affect the outcome, it is always the 58th Frame. It will no doubt be something obvious, but I really cannot find it. Help?
I should add, it isn’t just the one Level Sequence, I have tried numerous, same result, I’ve tried recreating cameras a different way, the same result.


That could have something to do with the trajectory curve. Extreme user settings at the ends of the curves or two keyframes that are almost or actually on top of each other? Maybe just an unnecessary keyframe in the middle that slightly dented the curve?