504 Gateway Time-out ( news page )

ya the news page has a misconfigured gateway you need fix \

504 Gateway Time-out

btw the need to put a tag into the post is flawed as well
who the heck do you have making this ■■■■

Both are still an issue!

epics couldn’t care less

and now they locked me out of stuff i paid for via library and etc…so i guess i should lawyer up…i have said engines here and i can only open them and it nuked my entire 427 project i moved assets into yesterday and now both that project and ability to use my library are not working
yes tried running as admin and have windows ten here

You are doing it wrong.
Just clone the repo and build the editor to be independent.
The only reason for me to use UE4 is because I am in control of it and not anybody else.

We are aware of an issue with our website throwing a 504. If you visit unrealengine.com then navigate to the page you want to view, you can workaround this error while our team is working on a solution.

@chronoss2008 - I PM’d you about your account.

just a addendum to previous bit about thirdperson and thirdperson blueprint being nuked in 427 .Apparently every project i had , had that happen so i have to now rebuild everything
im uninstalling 427 and wont be moving forward to 427 or 5 from here on too much time wasted.

another odd thing i have 6 cores and 426 will recognize them for shader worker compiles , 427 only would do 2, even if you edited baseengine.ini
what i had planned was to add the 427s you outed and try migration but ill not get there.

ok i seem to have narrowed the issue
it started with that texture streaming error which a youtuber showed to solve at size 3000 i have a 1660 super with 6gb
the prob is that sets aside vram for it and i dont know why but perhaps the out of memory caused some faults
when set back to 2000 ive yet to see an issue ill let you know this out of memory error also the shared video memory is not helping as when it gets to the cards max poof it gives error and i need reboot system