500 Error


Trying to purchase something and I am getting a 500 error…pretty much all day. I know no new submissions are going this week, but purchases are offline too? Am I doing something silly…?

  • Michael

Disregard. Turned out Discover shut off my card because they thought something weird was going on… Fraud prevention. Not sure why I would get a 500 server error… It should just say…“Hey, you suck… Pay your credit card balance!” Or, something like that. <grins>

  • Michael

Sorry to hear about the issue! I’ve actually been working with our web dev team to display more meaningful error messages to help diagnose things like this more quickly, and a quicker indication as to whether to contact us or your bank. Right now it’s a bit opaque. That will be rolling out in the coming weeks. :slight_smile:

Great news!

PS: Are you from Mars? (hope you get that!)

haaa, this guy! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

FTW! Nice one.

My favorite… Too bad Cyborg has replaced him in the upcoming Justice League. (or, so I’ve heard…)

I’ve been trying to subscribe to metahuman for over a month now, and I always get the error 500. Whenever I try to put the country or industry.
Can someone help me?

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