50 unreal customers can choose a pack for free as a thankyou to this community.

Today, i would like to give something back to the community for the tremendous support Arteria3d have had. 50 unreal users can receive any pack off the arteria3d site for free - simply email with the pack you would like and you will receive a link to download your pack.

Steve, Arteria3d.

Are your environments usable in Unreal 4?

Is this just for environment packs? I’d also just like to say that I will definitely remember this site for when I need assets, though it could do with a few more.

Pretty sure the Environments are only for Unity…

He has a Unreal tab at the top of the page :slight_smile:

Thankyou for your interest

Currently im converting my packs for use in unreal and any customer who actually purchases a pack from the site, will get the unreal converted pack when released.

The unreal packs are NOT just for unity, they are for all engines, and supplied with FBX, OBJ, etc, etc.
Its very very easy to actually get the assets you see on the site into unreal, whether character or environment pack
The packs come with FBX which easily load into unreal engine.


Hello Steve, I have sent you a very important email regarding Arteria3D.

Thankyou, really apreciated your useful information in the email you sent

Just glad to be able to help, take care!

hello Arteria3d, this offer is only for environment packs ?