[5+ years of experience] Icy_Devv || Professional C++/Blueprint Programmer


My name is Icy (Not real name) and I am a professional programmer… I have been on unreal for about 5 years now, and I was an old roblox studio dev who moved to unreal engine 4!

I know quit a few genres
Such as…

  • I am experienced in Articial Intelligence (AI)
  • very experienced in FPS Protocols
  • Can work with VR type systems

Due to school I am only avaliable to work for 2-3 hours everyday on average, the highest time I can work for is about 8 hours on weekends, you can contact me anytime!

Payments are negotiable… I accept only USD!

You can contact me on discord: Icy_Devv#0167

Sent you a DM on discord.