5 traps on level - saving only traps that are disabled

hello , I have 5 traps on a level , a node setup on the level bp that simulates a button push for disabled trap to save it after disabled. the setup uses break and make progress struct nodes. (so in the save player progess node , when deselected the traps are saved disabled. I copied the whole setup 5 times , one for each trap,(so in each setup it references the next trap). they are connected to event begin play with a sequence node. problem is , if all the traps are deselected in any of the progress struct nodes , when I disable and save any one trap , it automatically disables and saves all the traps. I tried different combos of deselected traps in the struct nodes , but it always saves whatever the last disabled trap struct node is set for . (ex. if trap 3 struct node has first 3 traps deselected it will save traps 3 , 2 , and 1 , as disabled , even if I only disable trap 3 and save.)(if in trap 3 setup I have only trap 3 deselected , then any other traps not deselected are activated, even if they were previously disabled and saved before . is there a way to save only the traps that are disabled? 1st pic is single trap disable setup. 2nd pic is first two traps disabled setups(second setup is copy of first but with second trap referenced), 3rd pic is the struct nodes , the break struct connects only the pin for that trap to the branch, the make struct saves traps disabled that are not selected as active in its boxes, last pic is the sequence connection to event begin play.

in first pic example , (this is just in the trap 3 setup as each trap save setup has a struct node., if I disable trap 3 first , then first and second trap are automatically saved as disabled also. in 2nd pic example if I set it so in each setup only that trap is not selected in struct node, the any others before or after it that are selected are automatically reactivated. I’m trying to get it so whichever trap I disable is the only trap saved as disabled, until the next trap is disabled and so on til all 5 are disabled. only trap 3 unselected.png

Any ideas? Thanks

Here’s the thing. Your blueprinting is really messy hard to understand.

Also your writing is all clunk up together. I’m on a cellphone so it just hard to read. Should use empty lines to separate your points.

Can you use a bool array? Just set to true the ones that are disabled. Index the trap from 0-4. Just save that and when on load use that array to set which trap is enabled and disabled. Or if the traps are blueprints make a IsDisabled bool and put it in an array. Save and load using that array.

Also I’m being ignorant and didn’t bother trying to understand your post. Just threw my 2 cents out.

I tried bools , arrays , everything i could think of, pulling my hair out.