5 tb ssd

Well i am running out of disk space on my 256GB SSD C drive, as for my grid maze project which used up 830 MB and only have 3.8GB left, i only done 524,000 grids 512 X 1024 and i want to get to over 2 million grids like 1024 X 2048 to create impossible maze, so i purchased a 5 TB WD external SSD, the put Blender 2.91 and UE4 and polligon materiel on to my new SSD when it gets delivered, to also free up C drive, if Blender will not allow me to go past Half a million, i settle for that real world scale 2000m by 4000m by 3 meter high walls x 300mm thick

100 X bigger than this

I have success. i have achieved a grid size 1024 X 1024, all i have to do is join 2 by half million, because i duplicate 512 x 1024 now i have 2.