5 questions about animation

I am a beginner with animation and animation blueprints, and has just started with Motion Capture with iPi w/ 8x PS Eye. :slight_smile:

I’m considering buying Autodesk MotionBuilder to create / edit animations to my game. It seems like I can save some time using MotionBuilder.

I do have some questions I hope someone with experience can answer:

  1. I have plans to use Motion Capture in all of the animations in my game. The game is a Full body FPS-game with camera attached directly to the head bone. Is there an easy way in MotionBuilder/Maya to edit the movements in a motion capture animation to be soft and smooth, so it can be used in first person with a camera attached directly to the head bone? I want to control how much head bobbing the animation are giving the camera. Any tips?

  2. If I use multi-refeference constraint to create a Reload animation for a weapon (1x character mesh + 1x Weapon mesh + 1x Magazine mesh). How to export the animation for weapon and magazine together in one animation and the animation of the character in a separate animation? After attaching weapon and magazine, will it follow the character animation and save keyframes for the weapon and magazine?

  3. I sometimes want to add facial movements in some of the existing animations. I also plan to have a Free-view rotate function of the head. Is there a way to blend in facial animation that works with the Free view, movement animations (walk, sprint ect) and all other animations in the game?

  4. Arma 3 has a pretty fancy Stance system that allows players to easily select a stance with CTRL + W and CTRL + S. I want to do the same. Do you have any thoughts on how this can be done? Is it possible to blend these with the existing walk / sprint animations or do I have to create custom walk / sprint animations for each stance? ArmA 3 Tutorials - Stances - YouTube

  5. How does a AimOffset work considering many different weapons, hand positions and many different aim/fire/reload animations? Is it possible get 100% correct hand positions through the whole animation regardless of the aim angle?